Friday, July 02, 2010

Conversations with Helene Grimaud or through the mystery flower Part Five, said Princess Haiku

Every great artist inspires love, devotion and awakening of true self as does the pianist, Helene Grimaud. I visited her guest book on her web site at Deutschgrammophon and spent a long time perusing her messages.

These intimate conversations with Helene Grimaud, left anonymously by her fans touched my heart. They were a fascinating and poetic outpouring of love, spiritual confession, appreciation and devotion. You can read the original article here and below you will find more of the letters.

I hope that you enjoy them.
Princess Haiku

Conversations with Helene Grimaud:

United States

Ciao Bella Helene,

You are so very special and your most beautiful gift of your piano music to the world, is a reflection of your inner and outer beauty and grace as well.


More, than the greatest love the world has know,
This is the love I'll give to you alone,
More, than the simple words I try to say,
I only live to love you more each day.

Ciao for now, Bella Helene,
the Beggar Prince

English words by Norman Newell
Italian Words by M. Ciorciolini
usic by R. Ortolani and N. Oliviero


Dearest Helene,

The 10th of November in Berlin was like a dream... from which I continue to live...

Yours devotedly,


Got a ticket, 23rd March next year...

United States

A few years ago, before I knew of you I dreamed vividly about you. Nothing more existed outside of us. I've never felt anything so pure. And here you are at such a distance. Everything since has felt superficial but the longing has kept vested inspiration. I sound like another one of these lovesick dolts but I can't help believing you had a dream like this. What am I doing?


She's wonderful, so powerful. I can' help being in love with her.


Harmonies experiment

I recently explored a visual Mathematics of Music. Pythagoras, an old friend visited the future and creates visual forms through invention. As I play the piano with my emotions and feelings I think I'm emoting as my own master. A twin of sorts.


As music enters my space, rhythm, form and tone blend in alchemical ways. The Mandala design reminds me of reconciliation; a bringing together of two opposite points of view. The ego and the shadow are dancing on the same floor.

Helene, share with me your insights. When I look for Mandala designs I am attracted to you like the bee to the colors of Spring. This attraction is strange. It's source is not ego based. I speculate the need is journey based. This seeker flies in a dream where music is energy that causes movement into the imaginal and archetypal.


There is a Pre-Raphaelite painting I adore
The Painter's Honeymoon; a gorgeous dress
of green and gold dominates the theme.

The painter and his new bride think together,
Parallel thoughts jump out of the canvas
When I observe the picture.

This is my favored painting
Innocence jumps out at me
An affair with dark resonators.

Sceptical of who she is.
Dare to enter the great symphonies,
Allured by her score.
Mesmerized by great talent.


Krakow is a fascination town; like a place from fairy tales... Highly cultural, intellectual, spiritual.. Do come. You'll fit perfect in here.


Hello Helene,

In a recent radio interview you stated your opinion that Beethoven was the first minimalist composer. But ... while listening to the fugue from Bach's Second Sonata (BWV 1003) for solo violin, I was wondering if Bach was the first? He makes a seven minute fugue from two sixteenth notes and eight note.

Je vous embrasse.


Mon Cherie Amour Helene,

My love is like a red red, rose,
That's newly sprung in June,

My love is like the melody,
that's sweetly played in tune.

As fair tho art, my bonnie lass,
So deep in love am I,
And I will love thee still, my dear,
Till all the seas go dry.....

by Robert Burns

Je t'aime pour tous les temps


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Such a beautiful post. Enjoy your weekend :)

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