Wednesday, June 23, 2010

dressed in a ballerina tutu of poppy, said Princess Haiku, the dream

I love the otherworldly beauty of poppies, said Princess Haiku and have ordered a few packets from the poppy shop. They require very little attention compared to other rare flowers and decided to give them a try.

I have tried to germinate blue poppies in the past unsuccessfully and found this helpful information which is encouraging me to try again.

Poppy Dreams are made of angel wings.


Jackie said...

Goodness, just realized today that I haven't been here for ages.

Beautiful poppies. Never heard of the Blue Himalayan Poppy before but also never heard of the Goji berry from there until a couple of years ago. I suppose with China opening up to the World we will see many new plants we never heard of before :)

rebecca said...

dear princess haiku,

our beloved constance has sent me straight to you.
she is a marvel, that one!
and here you are haiku-oooohhhing
away with flair!

and poppies too! i am in heaven!

i have humbly begun a haiku my heart

i send you a heartfelt invitation!!!

come join us!