Friday, August 20, 2010

Hakone Gardens: cloud, fish, dream

Dreaming fish splash away in primordial pond as, Princess Haiku awaits Autumn again.

Subtle intimations of copper and gold as Hakone Garden awaits Seasonal flames.

I hear ghostly footsteps in the Zen Garden; a crush of crystals in stone that evokes memory of those that once walked besides me.

The laughter of children in this moment for there is no other.

The Moon Viewing Pavilion sleeps at High Noon, preparing for the secrets of twilight when la Luna arcs into the sky.

Have you left the sounds of your footsteps on the Moon Bridge? I think you did and you and you...

For more information about the exquisite Hakone Gardens follow here and here.

I will be backed to visit Hakone in October when the heart of the garden burns. See you then and feel free to leave haiku to water the garden.


jazzolog said...

I've never been able to count words for an essay or syllables for a poem. Give me Free Verse or death!

This is a particularly lovely entry, Princess. I guess it's the flavor of Early Autumn that gets me.

I was fortunate to have a country girl for a mom, and she used to cry at least once every autumn...just because the maple leaves were so beautiful...and we all have to die.

What a beautiful lesson she taught. I have tears now myself to salt up the water a bit.

Aeron said...

Very nice. I have some, too. Look here: Aeron's Walk

Livia Salome Gnos said...

Wonderful images... fish and turtle... gentle and soft. I hope you are fine.

Voice of a Woman said...

Gorgeous photos and accompanying words. How wonderful it must be to go there in person. Tis a beautiful place to bask in the beauty of sculpture, critters, and mamma earth.

russian woman said...

Excellent photos. This is a paradise for tourists.

irishpoetry said...

Was browsing the net and stumbled upon your site. Was absolutely delighted with your array of beautiful photos and words. We need a lot more like this on the net. Thanks for sharing.

Sherry Stewart said...

I was looking for chrysanthemums and found you.
And the Koi with blue and yellow I have never before seen. So beautiful.
I've only begun this year cultivating mums.
I think it is the beginning of a long love affair.
I thought peony's had my heart all wrapped up, but mums have been whispering to me for sometime now.
Nice blog, and glad I found you.

lexy said...

Great pictures, thank you for sharing.