Monday, March 29, 2010

in the garden of eternal Spring the little trees, said Princess Haiku

my snow blossom tree
was born to weep white petals,
a lonely Spring path

Princess Haiku

Clouds of cherry blossoms!
Is that temple bell in Ueno
or Asakusa?


when cherry blossoms
no regrets


onto the paper amulet
cherry blossoms


Haiku Stones


Anonymous said...

I love these!

AscenderRisesAbove said...

are all those your little trees? i would love to grow one of those. a lot of patience! i have an orange tree that thinks it is one of those teeny tiny trees

Susan Tuttle said...

beautiful haiku coupled with the perfect imagery.

Mave said...

Love the flowers! :) Probably the last flower pics I'll see from you on here for a while. I'm leaving Blogger so...

Goodbye Haiku I loved knowing you on Blogger and reading your blog, I'm going away, so farewell and be healthy. I loved your comments over the years and appreciated them. I'll come back here and there and leave you an anonymous comment on here for you.

Goodbye and farewell,