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Conversations with Helene Grimaud or through the mystery flower Part Two, said Princess Haiku

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Every great artist inspires love, devotion and awakening of true self as does the pianist, Helene Grimaud. I visited her guest book on her web site at Deutschgrammophon and spent a long time perusing her messages.

These intimate conversations with Helene Grimaud, left anonymously by her fans touched my heart. They were a fascinating and poetic outpouring of love, spiritual confession, appreciation and devotion. You can read the original article here and below you will find more of the letters.

I hope that you enjoy them.
Princess Haiku

Conversations with Helene Grimaud:


My Dear Helene,

I have loved music since I was a young boy. I used to stand transfixed in the driveway next to my parent's house and listen to the pianist next door play Chopin, De Falla and Rachmaninoff. When she practiced I stood as still as a statue. The music wrapped me in enchantment. Since then music has been the most precious thing in my life.

I love all of the great composers but Sergei Rachmaninoff is my favorite. In 1959 I was fortunate enough to visit with one of the master's daughters, Tatiana at Villa Senar. that afternoon, August 16, 1959 will always live in my memory. the high point came when upon entering the music room where the Rhapsody, Corelli Variations and the Third Symphony were composed, Tatiana asked me to play his piano. I was stunned by the gesture but politely refused.

This is where you come in for were I you, I would have thanked her by playing her father's music, Chopin and perhaps some Bach or Beethoven. Only you among modern pianists could have done this precious moment complete justice!

I know that Michael Pletnev has recorded on this piano in his "Homage to Rachmaninoff" disc, but you would be my choice it it were possible to live that afternoon over. I would like you to know that Tatiana gave me a small branch of her father's favorite tree to take back to the United States with me. I went to Vahalla, New York and laid it on his his grave.

Helene, you are the most gifted pianist of our generation. I feel myself lucky to have heard you play the Rachmaninoff Second Concerto one year ago in Philadelphia, and I will be in Baltimore for your recital on November 5th. As I told you last year, your Chopin Second Sonata is the best interpretation since Rachmaninoff himself. May all the blessings of the universe be yours. Be well and continue your life in the service of music and our fellow creatures.

With highest regards and much love,
Professor Emeritus...



Dear Helene,

I am not a pianist but a guitarist who is a fan of the Beatles and rock music. I recently heard one of your cds and it was a revelation; I even started crying. I asked if you were a human being or an angel? I fear the violence that we must all endure in this world. When I listen to your music, this fear turns into a sense of peace. Thank you for that amazing feeling. If you're a human being then it reassures me to know that there are people full of sensitivity and love. If you are an angel then thank you for coming to earth.


Dear Helene,

At the risk of being redundant I add myself to your thousands of fans that have no choice but to communicate with you in this one-way manner. I want to thank you for all of your wonderful music. I Iive in Amsterdam and am sorry to see that you don't play here so often. I saw you once in the summer of 2003 and then summer 0f 2004 you were unwell. It's a hard world for passionate beings!

Aller Beste Toegewenst


Hello Helene,

I bought your new CD today and it outstanding!

Is there a symbolic message in that there is a picture of you at a subway station and another picture of you next to an empty rail track?


"Only silence remains"


Je t'ecoute de tout mon coeur,
At the last Night Prom at Royal Albert Hall,
You are a truly brilliantly shining star,
More beautiful than the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades.

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