Monday, February 08, 2010

fog drifting through Sonoma hills, the morning awakens said Princess Haiku

I couldn't shake the fog out of my ghostly pale hair and this morning
I am clouds floating through grey sky.

This being a ghost is uncertain at time, mused Princess Haiku.
Perhaps I should apply for reincarnation but that is tres risky.

What if I would return as a mermaid with sea green eyes,
and talk about chilly. In that instant startling sun appeared
and Princess Haiku disappeared into vapor.

Today is the perfect day to do invisible things, she murmured.

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TC said...

Princess Haiku,

How lovely.

Being a ghost is probably riskier than being reincarnated.

Being a person may be even riskier than being a ghost.

(I am finding the first two assignments hard enough to handle for the moment.)

'Twas nice to find you in the fog... a friendlier place at least than the wind and rain.

Kathryn Magendie said...

ah, ethereally beautiful....

rochambeau said...

Dear Princess,
Did you know I'm part mermaid?
Are you wearing your Chrysanthemum Crown still?


Squirrel of Nyack said...

Hello! I'm trying to catch up with bloggers near and far.

Sent you a snail mail a while back, but it was returned ---you may have changed your address or the Post Office wasn't on the ball. I notice sometimes they return perfectly addressed items. It used to happen so very rarely... even snail mail is not what it once was.

Princess Haiku said...

Squirrel, I will drop you an email update. Thanks for stopping to visit.