Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Princess Haiku finished making her last Valentine at midnight

The store that I usually purchase fine cards from has vanished as have several others, and I therefore turned to my own resources.

And with a jar of glue, a valentine edition of a local newspaper, an old French magazine and a pair of scissors these Valentines appeared.

Each one made intentionally for a dearly beloved.

This is the true spirit of love: action and thoughtfulness.

I had more fun than I anticipated as I haven't ever done this before. -Or since I was a child and would cut lace trim and draw red hearts.

This post is in loving memory of baby C who passed to the other world, so long ago and his tiny feet never touched the earth for he was an angel.

RIP darling one


painter of blue said...

Wonderful! Looks like so much fun. I must get to work on my own...

Diane said...

Lovely Valentines; hope u had a nice day/weekend.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea! They are lovely little things.