Thursday, March 23, 2006


Beneath a canopy
of pale dawn,
the storms of
Debussy gather.

A gentle nuance,
sky traces the curve
of Aurora's neck.

Dawn rises,
wraps herself
in opal clouds
of rain.

Aurora follows the
flight of drenched birds
while still I dream.


Jorge said...

Dear Princess Haiku your Blog is a true jewel! greetings from Orán (Argentina)

Deborah said...

Jorge is right Princess. Very lovely. I learned something too. I did not know about Aubade. Yours is lovely, and the Goddess beautiful. You have excellent taste.

moon said...


what an awakening image- so pure, yet so powerful: such a tranquility yet with winged movement
"Beneath a canopy
of pale dawn,
gather the storms
of Debussy."
makes me want to dream this poem tonight, when i lay down to sleep

Unstabilityunlimited said...

Since i am not a literature student missed the relevance of Aubade. care to enlighten me please.

but nevertheless the picture you paint is as always beautiful like a lovely watercolor unfolding on a painters canvas witht he colors he chooses to fill. beautiful but please you must explain to me the literary significance of the name you use.

lucky sanjana said...

aah this time around is saw the Aubade picture now i understand and now i understand it better. Beautiful as ever