Thursday, March 23, 2006


This is a picture of Aurora, the Roman Goddess of the Dawn and it inspired me to write my poem. An Aubade is traditionally understood as a poem written immediately upon awakening from sleep.

Have you written one?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by, and ofering your support for getting out the vote. Miss you on Spaces, glad to know you're here. Be well,

Marge said...

Hi, Princess!!!

Nice place ya got here!!!

Something strikes me immediately, Elise... I've always found your images of flowers stunning; I believe the color display in your new web page is far more superior than that of your Spaces page; the subtle shadings are more discernible. Also, the simplicity of the page layout is evocative of haiku.
Elegance. THAT's it...
Your new place is ELEGANT.
Stay in touch. Please. And I'll be back. May I link your new URL in your listing back at Happenstance?
I'll wait til I hear from you.

Peace and Love, my friend!