Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Ghost Flower

Ghost Orchid

After watering
her for months
with tears,

My ghost flower

She became a
magenta orchid,
the color of

Princess Haiku's
textured lips.


moon said...

Hello Princess :)

I want to congratulate you for the new home
and to wish you a fertile, beautiful epoque here



Moon River said...

Love You poem
Can I publish IT in my Space?

moon said...

I want to offer you this page, with lovely flowers
hope you like it


Eagle said...

Hello I really like poetry. I post any good poems I find or write on my blog (http://eaglesblogspot.blogspot.com)I really likeed your poem even though I have never seen a ghost orchid.

Stephen said...

My Dear Friend, Nice new place you have here. Been back at work since Monday, it is slow motion for a few more weeks. As ever be well. Stephen

Seth said...

I rellly like you Haiku
i am a deputant Hiaku peot
and i would much obliged if you coould give me some comments on my Haiku
Thanks in advance
You can find my blog on

moon said...

Drear Princess,
It will take some time for you to get used to blogger.
i tried to open here a blog few months ago, and got all mixed up :)
one has to know how to use a little HTML code (which i do) but somehow, it didn't worked out, so i let it...now that you have moved here, i tried again to have a place here, just in case something will happen to spaces msn.
you need time, and courage, you need to read the instructions for example, for how to add you links, it is very easy once you follow what they say...
the flowers are for you to do what ever pleases you.

moon said...

Hello My Princess,

you were asking about the man on the moon
i went for a quest looking for some answers
in my space i posted as first answer, a poem i found by a girl in a site that carry that name.
but here, i'll give you some links, that are talking about the origin of the 'man on the moon.
the first one:
How to see the man in the moon:
Origin of the man on the moon:

it gave me so much to think about as well :)
thank you again for asking and making me make new voyage*

Unstabilityunlimited said...

Hi there Princess

your new home is so different from the previous one. the other was serene and this one is more liek spring . and i am liking it your were right the white turned pink

thhnaks for the comment you posted on Mother Mary of the Achilles heel. i would like for you to read 2 other posts of mine one is biding adieu to the banyan tree and growing up in Alberts shadow. these are particularly close to me.

thanks again.

and will keep coming back for Haiku.