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Anyone wishing to purchase a signed copy of, "A Solitary Woman;" contact Pamela Babusci at: moongate44@gmail.
i carry
borrowed moonlight
into the house
only a translucent memory
of myself exists

A Solitary Woman – Tanka by Pamela A. Babusci. Trade Paper-Back, 5.5 x 8.5 , 76 pages, $15. Available at the Createspace e-store: Introduction by David Terelinck. Cover Art Still Water Bath by Larry DeKock, oil painting. For a signed copy contact . ISBN-13: 978-1492846741 ISBN-10: 1492846740
Re...viewed by Jane Reichhold

When I first opened this book and began reading of all the people involved in the making of it, I was struck by the contrast to the title. Babusci may see herself as a woman alone in the world, but she has the distinct ability to garner the talents and cooperation of a large number of persons.

I found the introduction by David Terelinck, of Australia, to be especially well-written and luminary with his sensitive insights into Babusci’s tanka poems. The best review one could give this book would be to reprint his words. Even the blurbs on the back cover seemed to be the best reasons for getting a copy of this book:

"There are many reasons to fall in love with A Solitary Woman. I did! Lovely, sensuous, brave, spirited tanka in the tradition of Izumi Shikubu, Yosano Akiko, Akitsu Ei and countless others who took the joys and pains of love, life and loss and transformed them into poetry. Hats off to Ms.Babusci for digging deep and unearthing the light in even the darkest moments of the heart. The ancient tradition of tanka lives on around the world, and Ms. Babusci is testament to its enduring power and grace."

--Leza Lowitz, Editor of A Long Rainy Season: Contemporary Haiku and Tanka by Japanese Women and Author, Green Tea to Go: Stories from Tokyo

Pamela A. Babusci is an artist. When she writes tanka she "puts a brush into paint & paint unto canvas" and not one shade of emotion or experience is absent from her palette. Hanging comfortably alongside van Gogh's Starry Night, Picasso's Blue Nude and O'Keeffe's Red Canna are honest self- portraits, passionate abstracts, landscapes of a life and soul laid bare. These are tanka of love, grief, pain, strength, longing, and at the heart of each, the pulse of every woman is palpable. In the hands of this gifted poet, A Solitary Woman is an invitation to a private viewing of a remarkable collection.

-- Claire Everett, Editor of Skylark and author of twelve moons.

Perhaps the only thing missing is a selection of Babusci’s poems.

Here in joy:

skinny dipping
in a summer river
a million stars
clothe us
in liquid light

In hurt:

i walk for miles
after your betrayal
my black beret
white and heavy
in the falling snow


pure moonlight
three years post cancer
the long surgical scar
fading into the belly
of my womanhood

And as a poet:

river of stars
in the pond
i scoop up
Orion’s belt and tie it
around my heart.

Pamela A. Babusci
A Solitary Woman (2013)

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