Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The small trees erupted into a flame of color

What has been blooming under your nose?

One moment everything was green and bud, said Princess Haiku

And suddenly this wild bloom.


Marion said...

Your Azaleas are beautiful! Such vibrant colour!

Azaleas don't grow where I live now, but I had some beauties on the Coast. Yours are beautifully pruned...they must be very old.

Diane said...

what gorgeous photos; these plants are amazing.

lotusgreen said...

this is serious JOY!!

Cergie said...

Are they blooming just now ? I bet they are Azalea indica. They need water enough but not too much...
And so difficult to grow in pot !

Isabella said...

The colours of your flowers are exceptional! You must have a very special relationship with them - theyy love you a lot!

goatman said...

What could that orange-yellow beauty be? It goes on and on and seems very California to me.

Your camera does it justice.

Princess Haiku said...

Marion- My flute teacher grows these old trees. I get to enjoy them once a week!

Isabella, I would say that I have a relationship to them although they are not mine. They seen their beauty reflected in my appreciation of them.

Goatman, it's a good thing there is something left of Ca the way things are going here.

Cergie, you are right.

Lotusgreen, yes indeed.