Monday, June 29, 2009

in Summer, white poppies remember

Princess Haiku was invited to a Midsummer Eve ball.

And went as a poppy of course.

How timeless your evening gown is said her friend, Astrid.

Her small nephew, Neptune was enchanted.

Why this dress and not another said her escort, Sir Virtue.

Princess Haiku smiled although she wouldn't answer, but I will tell you her secret reason.

Poppies remember.


Jackie said...

Thanks for visit and great to have you back. I also am not around as much as in the past blogging many other things to see to.

Great poetic post and photos. Cheered me up on my freezing Winter day.

Cergie said...

Beautiful. This flower looks like "Pierrot" and "Colombine", two French characters. And also... I'm sure you remember this old French film with Jean-Louis Barrault and Arletty : les enfants du Paradis

Princess Haiku said...

Cergie, that is my favorite old French film. I think I have seen it a dozen times. Each time I love it anew with a changed perspective.