Monday, February 09, 2009

To Do List for After the Lunar Eclipse, said Princess Haiku

I left this list at "To Do List" which is one of my favorite and fun blogs. I have so much fun listing there although I am usually off topic. But then- who makes the right list at the right time anyway?

Things to do after the eclipse.

1) Rub cellophane wrapper on pale hair to get the electricity off as it's standing straight up.
2) wipe off the blue lipstick.
3) unveil the new MUNI poem
4) glue the splintered chopstick together
5) see a therapist to lament about that crazy phone call I made to you know who and said you know what. (Insert worst thing you have ever said to an ex after a brownie and two pints of ice cream binge)
6) Dance, dance, dance because the light has returned. (For a while that is)
7) Remember the night of the eclipse dream and write a modern ballet about it.
8) That's it folks until the next eclipse in July.


Beatrice V said...

Hello Princess, reading this list has cheered me enormously and brought some fun to anotherwise, stressful period overloaded with banal responsibilities! I will definitely take up No 6, preferably dancing naked under the moonlight!
Thanks for visiting my page, I always find yours so inspiring. Hope you are well.

red dirt mule said...

fantastic and funny list .... and i can so relate to the remorseful phone calls! i've made so many this dark winter. now that the eclipse has passed, possibly my dark days will lighten as well.

i wish i could have seen you with the blue lipstick and standing straight up hair!


Pisces Iscariot said...

An enigmatic list - I especially liked points 2 & 4 and completely misread point 5 as "worst thing you ever said to an ex brownie" mmm... must concentrate harder :)

AscenderRisesAbove said...

wow - that was some time you had during the eclipse! what kind of brownie was that?

Bellezza said...

I'm so crazy about your wonderful spirit! You do a great job, Princess, of living life to the fullest as you celebrate each small moment.