Monday, December 08, 2008

the Spirit of the Hill, said Princess Haiku and a gate to fairy

I was wandering in a woods today and came upon a gateway to the hidden Kingdom. Princess Haiku, you must be careful I thought.

Even the hills have eyes, and the other world with its supernatural beauty lures.

It's easier to leave altogether rather than search for the aesthetics of this earthly realm.

-and yet such beauty
everywhere still breath and eyes
these enchanted hills


Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Ooh, shivery lovely - so evocative - hard to resist the enchanted hills.

Cyan said...

What a lovely, magical tree! I'm smitten.

Anonymous said...

Otherworldly yet right here and now, we are blessed!
I stopped at the Berkeley Marina on my way home from Thanksgiving vacation and met two gentle souls, an artist and her poodle cross, Shinzu. My friend spoke wistfully of Japan. I thought of you then, you being an artist in love with things Japanese and the Berkeley Marina.

get zapped said...

How entrancing! I love the first image of swirling branches. Thanks for sharing this magic.

goatman said...

The gnarly tree waits
Someone may sit in my arms
I am near the sea . . . ?

Princess Haiku said...

I have been known to leave strange or cryptic messages after midnight too. lol

Yoli said...

What a lovely blog your highness!

Princess Haiku said...

I think that you live in the enchanted hills already, Vanilla. I hoped you enjoyed your visit to the Berkeley Marina, Miruh and that you got to see the sun set at the feet of the sleeping maiden. (Mount Tam) Thanks Zapped and Yoli.

You capture the experience of the tree goatman. Perhaps in another life?