Wednesday, December 10, 2008

at the carnival of souls said Princess Haiku

If you are in the mood for a surreal, otherworldly and campy cult film, "Carnival of Souls" is not to be missed. I don't know why I haven't encountered this oddly poetic, disjointed and dreamy horror movie before but I was pleased to find a copy of it at my local library. The organ sound track would do justice to "the Phantom of the Opera."

photo appreciation

Here is a snippet from a Carnival of Souls at wiki.

These latter sequences foreshadow one of the film’s eeriest, best-shot, and most celebrated scenes. While at first Mary was unable to connect to the “real” world, she suddenly begins to open up and connect all too easily to the world of the Man; this shift is ingeniously represented by her sudden metamorphosis, in this key sequence, from a prim church organist to a seductress, if—perhaps—an unwilling one. While practicing alone in church one night, she falls into a trance. She pauses briefly and then resumes playing; as she does, her music abruptly shifts from proper and respectable hymns to a weird, demonic melody. Intercut with scenes of stained-glass windows and lengthening shadows, Mary begins to sway suggestively to her music, and her splayed fingers now caress the keys with expansive, openly sensuous gestures very different from any that she has used before. As she plays, her hands begin stroking the keyboards more urgently while her bare feet move dreamily on the organ’s long rows of pedals, her toes gently working them nearly en pointe in a coquettish ballet.
As Mary continues to coax her malevolent tune from the organ, she moves more deeply into trance, beginning to experience an extended impressionistic vision of a throng of ghouls emerging from the water to waltz to her music in the pavilion’s ruined ballroom.


Cyan said...

This sounds fun. I think I will add it to my Netflix queue. I love old horror flicks, especially of the surreal quality.

goatman said...

I love quirky movies and thoughts. But kinda hard to locate here in the flyover. Perhaps I may follow the example of Cyan and try the Netflix?

The best of quirk to ye

lotusgreen said...

there's something wonderfully haunting about that postcard