Monday, October 20, 2008

trance chocolate, said Princess Haiku, is from Jades's Chocolate

I am sure that you have heard of trance music, but have you tried trance chocolate from Jade's Chocolates? I am currently intoxicated with tiny chips of Orient Expresso. the taste is superb.

My favorite blend of Jade Chocolate is, Orient Expresso which is made with 50% cacao, pure cane sugar, cocoa, full cream milk, soya lecithin, vanilla beans, ground expresso, ground cardamon and vanilla beans.

The gorgeous wrapper the Expresso Bar is wrapped in tells a tale.

"Journey to a land abundant with with treasured spices. Celebrate your arrival with the pleasant scent of cardamon generously accented in oak roasted expresso. the experience awaits you. Every bar is wrapped in in handmade Lokta Paper from the mountains of Nepal. the harvesting of the lakota plant does not effect the ecology of the area and and provides a stable income for the people."


Melinda said...

If you liked JC, you might also try Kika's Treats cardamom espresso shortbread, It's the inspiration for Orient Espresso (sold at San Francisco's Rainbow Grocery and Canyon Market). Delicious cardamom balanced with deep dark chocolate, mmm :-)

Princess Haiku said...

Oh my gosh, that expresso shortbread sounds divine. I will have to find out if its available in the North Bay.

Anonymous said...

Hi Princess,

I agree Jade Chocolates bars are great! I'm not sure why you put information about Chloe in this blog. I'm pretty sure Chloe is from France and is a chocolate expert. The lady who creates Jade Chocolate's is Asian and I believe she's from California.

Princess Haiku said...

I got that idea from a review I read but I will take your word for it; sounds as though you know these people. Thanks for the tip and thank you for stopping to visit. Oh, and have a virtual chocolate before you leave. :)