Thursday, March 27, 2008

Princess Haiku's Ghostly Photo

There seems to be so much interest in my ghostly photo that I decided to repost it again. No, it is not photo shopped and it is authentic. Who are all of these people zapping this photo from afar and who told them about it? Curious. If you have a ghostly photo tell me about it and I will link you to this post. Here is to the world of ghosts, dreams, intuition and the inexplicable.

Moon in Pisces


rochambeau said...

Dear Princess,
You also look like an enshrined saint or a Princess Haiku! Fabulous photo!
Thanks for dropping by!


Anonymous said...

behind the ghost girl on the right, there seems to be a ghost man standing, protectively, or curious..

Princess Haiku said...

Yes, I see that and there also appears to be a heart shaped shadow on the right side of the veil. The more I look into this intriguing photo the more things I see.

d. chedwick bryant said...

the more I look at this shot, the more I see, the name "Eve" is there and what looks like "Desire" -- it all adds to the layers of mystery here.

Princess Haiku said...

Where do you see the words, Ched?

Salix Tree said...

..and up in the left top corner, looks like it says "perfect stud gallery"
tee hee.. I want to visit that gallery.. *giggle*
What a great shot this is!

Princess Haiku said...

It's amazing what people see in this photo. LOL salix tree.

cbb said...

This is truly a mesmerizing photo, Princess Haiku, (although I have difficulty discerning the protective ghost man and certainly hope if he's there, protection is his true intention). In my belated response to your beautiful photo, I have included my own "otherworldly" photographs on my blog, as you suggested. Thanks for inspiring the idea!

Salix Tree said...

I too have posted 2 different ghostly photos. One on my art blog, one on my garden blog.