Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Jim Morrison Anagram:

From Jim Morrison Poems

To summon the dead.
To exalt senses and perceive inaccessible images,
of event on other worlds, in one's deepest inner
mind, or in the minds of others.

This is an anagram I made from Morrison's name. (James Douglas Morrison)

Doors, journalism games


rochambeau said...

Yes Princess, I like to think about those I loved who have moved on, and pass them my prayers of thanks for how they have added to my life and made me who I am. They still live on because of this.

Princess Haiku said...

We live as long as someone remembers our footprints, dear Constance.

The Dream said...

Freakin' hottest man of all time ... and a Great American Poet. Yeah, I do have the t-shirt.

brow of calm said...

...this is a good reminder for me to delve into Jim Morrisons work further than my cds of the doors.
Because I know I shall be much inspired.