Tuesday, December 04, 2007

on dreams

I was thinking about a Bob Dylan quote..

"I'll let you be in my dreams if I can be in yours."
How is it that we enter each others dreams, Princess Haiku mused. what do you think?

BTW My dreams are often magenta


Anonymous said...

I always liked that song--I dreamed I saw Joe Hil last night--alive as he could be, But Joe I said, you're long time dead---

I never died said he...

My dad used to sing this--I think I have the lyrics almost right.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

magenta eh?

I tried to research the color a bit for you on different sites...

Magenta is a illusionary oscillation of the color spectrum, between the infra-red and ultra-violet at a very high frequency. It is named for the ´Magi´ and literally means Magic Color.

Magenta - separation trauma or abandonment issue

If you dream of a magenta cat, you love someone in a position of power

I don't seem to recall my dreams like I used to; when I do recall a dream it is usually some sort of vision; or a thought of some kind - that when I check it out in real life it is usually true


Princess Haiku said...

Ascender- the magenta info is very interesting. Magic color- I like that.. I have never seen a magenta cat though.

Steve said...

I almost never remember my dreams, unfortunately. So I'm not sure who's entering them. I don't suppose they're entering as much as I am inviting them in.

Princess Haiku said...

Steve, I use to remember more of my dreams when I wrote them down. They are like slippery fish in green seawater under moonlight. You just have a second to catch them.