Wednesday, December 05, 2007

the Charm of the Hotel Pirombo

Zazie asked where I lived in Holland and this was the first place, "The Hotel Pirombo" in Noordwijk. I spent a winter there with my husband and small daughter years ago, after becoming friends with the owners, a delightful and cosmopolitan couple. In the winters they would close the hotel and travel to Morroco or other vacation places. My ex husband was often in Paris that winter and one night a wild storm blew off of the North Sea and nearly shattered all of the windows. Some neighbors came over and assured me they would board up the windows for me if needed. I always remembered that; the kindness of strangers. The Dutch are a very special people.


Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Some of the most special people I have met in my life, have been Dutch - you're right about them, very special indeed.

Chedwick University said...

what a nice little story--I could feel the winds--they scared me! but living by the sea is so romantic.

here is it snowing now--in slow motion--and the tiniest flakes are floating down it's kind of mesmerizing.

Mavin said...

Haiku, I'm a finalist for two photography contests!!! :D


Princess Haiku said...

Ched- Slowing in slow motion is an enchanting image.
Good going Mavin; getting a lot of prizes lately are you.

Mavin said...

I read this before but I was so excited about the photography contest I honestly didn't think to mention it. Yeah you're right about the Dutch, I am Texan but I'm Dutch too, I'm the only one out of my 5 brothers that has green eyes and comes from my mother's side of the family, my moms parents were from the Netherlands, I have to say I don't know what it is about us Dutch but we are very kind people. So now you know why I'm so kind and sensitive, I'm Dutch, I might not be from the Netherlands but I have it in my blood so that explains almost everything about myself, it's one of the random facts I'm posting about myself. The language of the Dutch is another language I want to learn in my life.

Also, Haiku I noticed that your amazing award is blown up and out of proportion. So I decided to start playing around with the award myself on my blog to post up. I couldn't figure it out and why it came up all blown up like that until I unchecked the "Shrink to fit" box in the add page element picture edit window, then I saved it, and it came up on my blog fine.
I'm composing my post about the award and the 7 random facts about myself, which I've been thinking about it and working on it endlessly but I haven't been able finished my post yet, I'm only a quarter of the way, I'm getting around to it especially during this weekend, but I'm very busy and I'm going to be even more busy this weekend, I still haven't been able to comment back to anyone's comments yet on my blog. Anyways, I just wanted to see if I could help you with fitting the award so it would fit properly on your blog and well wouldn't you know it I found out a way to make it fit. lol :P The Dutch blood comes out of me once again to be helpful, lol. I love it!! :D

Take care

Steve said...

This looks like a great place! The Dutch are indeed special -- I met many Dutch people while traveling and they were always very congenial and good company!

Princess Haiku said...

Mavin, thanks for the computer tip. I clicked the "size this" window and voila my html now fits the space.

Hi Steve!