Sunday, November 04, 2007

self revelation in the music of Helene Grimaud

Luminous qualities that can be appreciated in the virtuosity of pianist, Helene Grimaud are self reflection and intuition. Grimaud's piano provides an intimate portrayal of her feminine psyche and an intensity of feeling that belongs to the archetypes of dreams and introspection.

These same qualities can be disturbing to some people and would explain the unreasonable criticism that is at times directed towards her. Perhaps her music is too personal, too close to the source for those who are afraid of "the fire within."

I see Grimaud's interpretive music as being in the tradition of Anne Sexton or Sylvia Plath in that she takes the "other" into an interior and purely subjective realm of intense feeling.

The Kiss

My mouth blooms like a cut.
I've been wronged all year, tedious
nights, nothing but rough elbows in them
and delicate boxes of Kleenex calling crybaby
crybaby, you fool!

Before today my body was useless.
Now it's tearing at its square corners.
It's tearing old Mary's garments off, knot by knot
and see - Now it's shot full of these electric bolts.
Zing! A resurrection!

Once it was a boat, quite wooden
and with no business, no salt water under it
and in need of some paint. It was no more
than a group of boards. But you hoisted her, rigged her.
She's been elected.

My nerves are turned on. I hear them like
musical instruments. Where there was silence
the drums, the strings are incurably playing. You did this.
Pure genius at work. Darling, the composer has stepped
into fire.

Anne Sexton


A's Journey said...

That is a really nice piece of classical music you put here, I liked it. Good post!

Princess Haiku said...

Thanks for stopping A and having a listen.

Maithri said...

I love Anne Sextons words,

Its lovely to meet you,


She Who Flies said...

A stunning photo of La Belle Hélène and a graceful rendition!

Princess Haiku said...

I thought the photo was something a little different swf and glad that you enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

What feeling! My eyes are wet.

Stu said...

I count Sexton among the greatest, and I love this poem. Having watched the video of Grimaud, I can sense the connection you're making.

Thank you for dropping by my place, and for your kind words of encouragement. I'm certainly enjoying checking out your place!