Sunday, November 04, 2007

Anagram, said Princess Haiku

Anagrams are fun and follow this link to my favorite anagram website.

I made an anagram for my space, said Princess Haiku
princesshaikublogspot and my webpage anagram is:

Ghost Calibers, Pink Opus

What is yours?


Salix Tree said...

oh wow, what a fun site! the crazy words that come up!

Princess Haiku said...

What did you come up with Salix? I am really addicted to anagrams; they are so much fun.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Oh fun! I'll have to have a think about this - I have a lot of letters to play with! :-)

Jon said...

My names are a little too strange for anagramming. My domain name, FRIMMIN, gets nothing, and even FRIMMIN.COM, gets nothing unless I opt for "obscure" words like crim, mim, or firn, which are meaningless to me.

On the other hand, my Website name, the WILD THINGS OF GOD fetches more than 7000 results, none in my opinion as interesting as the letters in the right order.

Tha actual name of my blog, as opposed to my site (I need to make it visible) is JEDI LIFE IN THE REAL WORLD, which has way too many.

My name JON ZUCK has nothing, but with my middle name JON MEYER ZUCK, well, there's ZEN MUCKER JOY, and MERE COZY JUNK, both of which I like a lot.

Princess Haiku said...

Jon- you need an anagram specialist I guess. :)

...Kat said...


from StayAtHomeKat

eastcoastdweller said...

"'She' is foci." (but that leaves out "aris," so does it still count?)

Foci is an alternate of focus, BTW.

red dirt girl said...

Ohhhhh!!! I love this. I've made a sidebar post with links to both you and ... it's so addicting ..

Stop by to read a few (and I mean few out of thousands) results.

Thank you for the smile, princess.