Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Princess Haiku is dazzled by Lotusgreen's chrysanthemum post

This morning Princess Haiku found Lotusgreen's post on Japonisme about the chrysanthemum and the upcoming New York Botanical Garden's Kiku exhibit. You will be dazzled too.

Princess Haiku was also delighted to visit Digital Flower Pictures and discover his wonderful pictures of the KiKu exhibit. Thank you so much DFP for sharing this tour with chrysanthemum devotees who are far away.


goatman said...

I've never seen a mum like that, must be a luminary mum!

Since you probably don't see seasons as distinctly as we in midwest, here is a view for you:

cat warming my lap
As I shiver in wet chill
prelude to down-time

Princess Haiku said...

Very nice haiku goatman and you are right about the seasonal thing. We tend to have two seasons; rain and not rain. In Northern Cal though we do get a little change of color in the fall.

Cergie said...

My Japonese Flower Princess is back...