Tuesday, October 23, 2007

fairy tale pumpkin as white as the moon

I found a "fairy tale" pumpkin today at a patch today that is white and as pale as the moon. I wonder what special energy it will evoke on all hallows eve. I am looking forward to carving a geisha face on it and photos will be forthcoming. Legend has it that on all hallows eve the veil between the world lifts. I will keep you updated on my experience of this pale ghost.

The albinos are called ghost pumpkins or Luminas. A ghost pumpkin is perfect for me said Princess Haiku, we will look like each other. -Ghostly, that is.

BTW Supposedly the San Francisco Halloween carnival is "off." I will let you know if a quarter million people are ready to give up the party. The city of SF is calling it "Halloween at Home" night. Sounds like a party squash to me.


Mavin said...

To be honest with you I've never seen white pumpkins before, I didn't even know they existed til now lol.

Why is the Halloween party off in San Francisco for? Is it because of the fires in San Diego or somethin?

Anyways I finished my meme post.

Take care Haiku. :D

Princess Haiku said...

Stopping by to read it.

lotusgreen said...

how beautiful

bluewyvern said...

Oooh, cool. I'm sure I could find those somewhere around here if I tried...now that's what I want decorating my home this All Hallow's.

Cergie said...

I bought a grey pumpkin
I found only one. I like it. So beautifully different.
Only one can tell a tale too.
It may be a car for mice...

Princess Haiku said...

I never heard of a grey pumpkin Cergie. Are you sure it's not a gourd? If they are going to do the Luther Burbank thing I would like a magenta one.

Hyde DP said...

Today's post on Hyde Daily Photo is Pumpkins Galore and I've included links to more than sixty pumpkin posts on blogs around the world including your own. Happy halloween to everyone.

guild_rez said...

I used a whit pumpkin in my Thankgiving decoration. Something different:-))
what a great picture..
Happy Halloween
cheers from Canada