Sunday, October 28, 2007

on gifting Wee Folk this holiday season

If there are small ones in your life, you need safe gifts for the holiday season. Princess Haiku would like to share some alternatives to toxic,lead paint based toys that any parent would appreciate.

1) The first suggestion is of course BOOKS! Baby bibliophiles are usually made and not born. For imagination inspiring books try:

Barefoot Books

In their own words they focus on different cultures and themes that encourage independence of spirit, enthusiasm for learning and sharing of global diversity.
"We started Barefoot in our homes in 1993, and grew our business and our families alongside each other - sometimes juggling boxes of books with baskets of laundry. We now have seven children between us, two busy offices in England and the USA, and lots of wonderful book and gift products. We?re convinced that art and story play a vital part in children?s lives. We hope you are, too!" Barefoot Books represents a very high quality of children's literature and I particularly liked their anthology of poetry for children Classic Poems .

Another great children's publishing house with books for older kids is Templars Publishing in the UK. Their ology series is "stupendously wonderful." These books include subjects such as dragons, mythology, pirates and Egyptian lore. They are available at quality independent books stores in the US as well as online at

2) Children's clothing is another good idea for children as they are always GROWING. Support your local fair trade, organic cotton, children's stores. The Wee ones will appreciate clothing that they can easily be popped in and out of. I am partial to hats with ears myself. If you are crafty you can knit or crochet them. What little girl doesn't adore a new party dress or costume?


A's Journey said...

Yes! I like books of mythology a lot. Maybe I should try to find one in bookstores instead of waiting for another friend to give me one as a present, hehehe (^・^)

I will see your music videos here, they seem very interesting.

Princess Haiku said...

Hi, A. Thanks for stopping and hope you like the video's.