Thursday, June 07, 2007

Princess Haiku writes an article for Quasi Fictional about why she blogs

I wrote this discussion for Quasi Fictional and wanted to publish it on my own space as well. I encourage everyone to consider writing about why they blog as it is a way to hone self-understanding and develop as a blogger. If anyone posts on this subject be sure to let me know.

Princess Haiku is a blog comprised of poetry, prose, photography, classical music, dance and book reviews, written in the tradition of a poetic memoir

I interpret a blog as a textual, auditory, visual or mixed-media communication written by a person(s) and published on the internet, for the purpose of exchanging, ideas, feelings, visuals, information, advice, companionship or friendship with others. Princess Haiku is a literary collage, with original poetry, prose, book, music and dance reviews, written in the tradition of a poetic memoir.

About a year ago, a friend set up my first blog on, My Space. I had no idea at that time, what a blog was and my space was put together with a do it yourself template in less than three minutes. “What is the title of your blog?” my friend asked. The words “Princess Haiku" flashed into my mind, as I enjoy the aesthetic simplicity of poetic forms such as haiku and tanka. Of course I wasn't thinking all this consciously and was just selecting template color, lay-out etc. Before I knew it my first blog was waiting for me. All I had to do was enter it with mind, heart and spirit.

The idea that Princess Haiku was a ghost appealed, because of the unlimited freedom of a spirit to travel and explore culture, history, time, place etc. I aspired for Princess Haiku to reflect the collective unconscious, for I wanted her to belong to everyone. In a world rife with conflict, aggression, ideology, hatred and greed, I wanted her to be everything that was beauty, goodness and grace. Art and music are universal languages and they are a good starting point for world peace. It is the task of the people of the world to do what governments cannot; find common human experience that allows for a dialectic of peace.

As my concept of “Princess Haiku” deepened, it became a journey into the world of fine arts, expressing universal concepts of beauty. The book, dance and music reviews on my space are for the most part original, although I sometimes reference the works of others. Additionally, I post my own haiku and prose musings.

When YouTube took off I was delighted for it allowed me to give readers an enhanced artistic experience. Instead of just reading about young musical geniuses such as Yundi Li, Lang, Lang or Helene Grimaud; they could hear and see them also. When I posted a review of the astonishing Cloud Gate Dance Theater, I was also able to post a YouTube clip from a recent performance.

In the beginning I was excited if I received any responses for any post. Now I am thinking about upgrading my stat counter. I think this a big thing for a small, literary blog whose discourse is dreams, rare flowers, classical music, fine arts, twilight and poetic musings of a ghost.

I never would have guessed that I would be gifted with internet friends from all over the globe. They have introduced me to many excellent poets, writers, dancers, thinkers, established and emerging virtuosi and artists. I see a world culture evolving as a result of informal sharing via the internet. I think that there is a particular value in reading reviews of various fine art forms, written by people who do not benefit financially from a particular opinion. How did a small poetic blog like mine attract an international readership? -Why, networking of course.

Registering in blog catalogs is a great way to get exposure. I registered in: Blog Top Sites, World Blog Connection, Superblog Directory, Blogs by Women, Top Blogs and others. I recently registered with MyBlogLog and am looking forward to becoming involved with this social network. Social networking I am told is the newest thing and a great way to connect with other bloggers.

An important and often overlooked factor in a successful blog is having a good profile. Daniel Thompson the Microtonal Composer, has a great article on writing profiles and can be found via World Blog Connection. I realized after I developed my profile that my blog was about “extreme beauty.” This wasn’t an accident; it evolved with a thorough evaluation of what my interests were and what my experience was. I won’t try to paraphrase Thompson; just read his article and take the time to read several profiles of successful blogs that you like.

Don’t overlook the human element for if you want to make blogger friends, you have to be one. I try to choose one blog a day and I carefully read several posts. Human relationships; even virtual ones are based on reciprocity. Once your own blog is doing well remember to “pay it backwards” and give backlinks and support to other neophytes. After all we are a world community.

"Having written all of these ponderous words, Princess Haiku realized that the moon was full and that it was time for her to collect fallen magnolia blossoms and to make a wreath for her new ghost whippet, Nimble of Thrace. And then she disappeared.”


Cergie said...

This is fine and funny at the same time
You know, Cergie is not a ghost and yet she has different persons in her:
Marguerite who likes her garden and is quiet and so nobody or not many body comes and visit her
Cergie whom every body likes because she goes all around the world or everywhere in France
And she shares what everybody wishes to see
And I had a third person who is p'tit loup. P'tit loves forest and wild nature
Now unfortunatly I stopped marguerite's blog for a while and p'tit loup's one too
I cannot have time enough for all these persons so Cergie will have perhaps a few of Marguerite and then a few of p'tit loup
However not at the same time
I congratulate Princess Haiku who manages being all these persons at the same time...

Cergie said...

And I'll add that I like these white flower in French : anémones du Japon
And the pink one too "chrysanthème" coming from Japan too
For Princess Haiku, it's a good choice

Marion said...

What an inspiration you are, Princess! I read this yesterday; very enjoyable reading and writing!

I am considering your request. I also read a few of the other interviewees;I am not at all sure I could do half as well as you all did!

A lot of good ideas in this post as well on how to gain exposure...thank you!

Princess Haiku said...

Thanks for all your nice comments, Cergie, and you got me interested in your other blogs so I will have to check them out too. Who is this p'tit loup? Sounds wild to me.

Marion, you would have no problem at all writing something wise and profound. It's all over your space.

Mavin said...

It's amazing how well everyone comes together to read and write how they feel and think on blogger. I reread this post this morning and your words formed a soft touch to the mind after waking up from a deep slumber. I have to say if it's one thing I've noticed about your blog, it's the art and nature in your photos, words and most importantly, friends.

PS- I thought number 9 on Camille's childhood tag was funny. lol :D

harriett said...

What beautiful writing! I especially like your views on art & music being a good starting point for world peace - at times I think there's no hope, the world is too full of hatefulness, then I read and see beauty like your blog and I am renewed. Thanks.

d. chedwick bryant said...

Princess Haiku,
The first thing I do when I visit a new blog is check out the pics and the links list--I want to know what the blogger enjoys reading and I love blogs that have lots of links--thats how I find gems! --then I read through a few posts, and enjoy lovely pics, and bookmark the blog so I can return.

The ghost posts have re-opened that whole realm for me.

Peter Haslam said...

Princess Haiku
Not sure if you want me to post on my blog, your blog or Dio's Let me know
pghaslam at gmail dot com

sydneyland said...

Dear Princess,

Your Blog is a special, safe, Holy place. It's one of my shelters of sanity. Thank you.

Mavin said...

I'm in a predicament, come by my blog and help me decide.

Anna said...

Princess, I thought fireworks were going off on your blog when I saw your latest flower photo - a wonderful surprise.

A fantastic, thoughtful post - well done. I was asked by the same blog to write something as well but ducked the challenge feeling like an inexperienced, scattered blogger. But your post has helped me understand my own blog - though you and I are so different - almost. I am also from the world of the Arts and agree emphatically with your sentiments about the value of the Arts in the world.

Thanks for your support of my blog, Princess, and your friendship.

mystic rose said...

princess haiku,

love this article, it voices many of my own feelings and thoughts about blogging.. and i must say that it is very enrgising to read such beautiful thoughts and feeligns as yours.

Annelisa said...

Lovely, Princess... this was a wonderful read, and so interesting.

I also enjoy the whole blogging experience, though I don't have as much time with it as I'd like to. But, getting to know folks worldwide - that's amazing!

Anonymous said...
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davidbdale said...

I admire your Make Friends With Bloggers policy, PrincessHaiku! I admit I'm not good about visiting other blogs regularly. I've had to make a difficult choice: post regularly or read other blogs. If I learn to write faster, I'll have more time to visit excellent blogs like yours (but I'm making no promises!).

Thank you for your interest in Very Short Novels!

Princess Haiku said...

Mavin, you are right that friends is a big part of it. You are like a honey bee, buzzing from one blog to the next.

Princess Haiku said...

Sydneyland, to do that you must bring the light with you.

Princess Haiku said...

Chedwick, I thought about what you wrote and you are right. There are all these clues and signs in a blog; we just have to interpret them.

Anna, I think fireworks were developed to imitate spider chrysanthemums. After all they came first.

MysticRose- we are on the same page..

redscribbler- you are right that blogging is a heavy, dense and clod word. It in no way conveys literary confections and artistic permutations. Not to mention tutu's, pearls and Youtube.

Gypsy Purple said...

Oh my...a great post....and thanks for bringing beauty every day!!!!

Princess Haiku said...

Thanks gypsy purple, I can only do it because my readers inspire me. BTW I was having trouble visiting you. When I clicked on your link it said it was a forgery site. Will try again tomorrow. Sometimes my anti-spyware program gets paranoia.

Mavin said...

Oh Haiku, I forget to tell you this and this is going to be long btw, and I think you already know or have seen it on my blog but idk if you've been to the link but there's this pianist who has the same name as me, Kevin Kern, Mavin is just my nickname but I think you knew that already. Anyways you'll love his music if you haven't heard of him before. I found out about him by being bored one day and decided to type in my name into the google search engine and I clicked on this pianist with my name, suddenly his music and website popped up and was so soothing. He is one person who truly inspires me to play and learn the keyboard or piano. If you can, buy his one album entitled "Imagination's Light", on this album there is a song titled "Pearls of Joy" that's one of my favorite songs of his work, I just put it up in my blog if want to listen. He has seven albums which all are well performed. If or when you have the time go to the link in my websites posted on the side of my blog or type in kevinkern dot com in the URL and see for yourself, read his biography, he truly is an inspiration, you might not believe how old he was when he started playing.

But I thought of you considering that you like the piano as well as pianists so much. I wanted to introduce you to his music if you haven't listened to him before, I know you'd love his work.

PS - I am a bee, buzzz...

Princess Haiku said...

Mavin- I'm checking out for tonight but promise I will check your music links. Is there a Youtube video of him?

Mavin said...

Have a good nights rest, I'll search for a youtube clip for you.

d. chedwick bryant said...

Since I know you like Chrysanthemums I posted (on the links below my profile) John Steinbecks short story The Chrysanthemums-- it is a kwik read, but a great story!

Princess Haiku said...

Thanks for the link and will read the story.

Naomi said...

This was an interesting post. I enjoyed reading about the origins of your blog and how it came into being. I've enjoyed becoming a blogger myself and have met a lot of interesting people along the way. My biggest problem is finding time to post and to visit other blogs as I hold down a full-time job and am working on a book as well!

bluewyvern said...


Thank you for the invitation to write about my blogging. I'll have to think about it -- I try to avoid talking about myself or the process of blogging in my blog (perhaps I could make an exception for posting elsewhere), but apart from that, there's not all that much to tell -- it started out as a personal blog on Blurty (I had some other web-friends from a group/forum I frequented already on Blurty, and I joined them). It was mostly journal entries, quiz results, current mood/book/music selections, and that sort of thing, until I got more interested in posting links from my copious collection than in talking about myself. When early on I hit on grouping items into a themed post, my blog's style was pretty much set.

Well, actually, that's pretty much the story right there. :)

Princess Haiku said...

Hi Naomi!
You must be a good user of time because I notice that you keep your blog current.

Thanks for sharing how you started blogging. There is a wealth of rich resources in your archives and glad that you do.

dintoons said...

princess haiku, came here via mystic rose, and i'm really glad i did! this is a wonderful post on the art of blogging, written with a lot of charm, warmth and genuine insight!
the posts here look wonderful, and i think i'll need some time to go thru them leisurely and imbibe the joy and wisdom in them...
thanx for sharing your creative passion and poetic gifts, and hope to keep visiting here more often,
all the best! :o)

drips of paint said...

blogging well is like a part time job.....congrats on your successful adaptation of the blogging art form....

I'll be happy if I can catch up with bloggibg 101

thanks for taking the time to share