Saturday, May 05, 2007

Vigilance is still required of Pet Owners

I have decided to take a break from my usual aesthetic related topics to honor the memory of the over 3,000 and counting pets who have been poisoned and died from tainted food while thousands are struggling to survive. The deaths of these beloved pets was no accident. They fell victim to the unrestrained corporate greed or lack of ethics, which has defined the "new global village" or "global marketplace." I think we all know why American factories and food are being outsourced and that approximately 70% of our wheat, corn and rice gluteins are produced in other countries? -Because American workers cannot compete with slave labor.

"Even as fears grow over contaminated imported wheat gluten in recalled pet food, U.S. production has been so eroded by low-cost imports that it can no longer supply domestic demand, domestic makers say."

China has been selling pet food with toxic additives such as melamine and rat poison produced in squalid environments. These toxins were also in feed, fed to millions of chickens and hogs and thus entered the human food chain. Many of these chickens have been consumed and millions are under quarantine, while the FDA protects corporate interests.

Pet Owners do not rest easy. Check the recall lists regularly as every single day new foods are being recalled. What was fine last week or even yesterday, may not be today.

For detailed technical and updated information on this developing situation, visit
the Pet Food Connection.

My heart goes out to the ones who have lost their animal companions and I leave my deepest condolences.

(Note: the cats in photo are healthy via)


Annelisa said...

I totally agree - the powers that be should be checking a lot more thoroughly what it is that we (ourselves and our animals) are being given to eat and drink, and the effects these things can have on our bodies. I foresee a world full of poisoned people and animals in the future... surely they're setting themselves up for some major health problems, and a national disaster of proportions bigger than they can imagine, where the abilities of the hospitals to cope with these new illnesses will be totally useless!

Organic is definately safer... why isn't everything organic!

Digital Flower Pictures said...

I am scared to death to feed my dogs anything. Thanks for links.

Princess Haiku said...

Annelisa- I fear you may be right.

DFP- glad to hear your dogs are okay now and you are following the recall thing. I found a lot of info at that pet connection link and now I have concerns about people food, too.