Friday, May 25, 2007

Perfect Notes

perfect notes in my life.
On cellophane tags- these words
love, movement,

What notes are in your life today?

Blogs such as

Mystic Rose

Altered State of Mind





often evoke perfect notes.

Here is giving thanks to the spiritual presence of special people on the net.


mystic rose said...

wow! im honored. thank you so much, princess.

Sharad Mathur said...

yr posts evoke perfection too.
nice post.


Mavin said...

Hey Princess, I came back in today and will post my new posts later tonight or tomorrow morning, I'm writing and editing them right now, but I like that drawn Magnolia flower in that last picture. It's beautiful and their smell is wonderful, they create such a magnificent aroma. What is that other flower, it's beautiful as well?

Also that clip was nice, the dancers were well syncronized with the music. As well as the music and the setup for the stage went well with their performance. That girl's flexibility is amazing.

PS- Thank you for mentioning my
blog. :D

macky said...

Nice post!! Thank you for linking.

Anonymous said...

Dear Princess,

I feel proud to see my name mentioned here in your beautiful post and this is a pleasure as well.

Thank you!

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Did you grow that flower? I am impressed.

Princess Haiku said...

DFP: Alas, I have no green thumb and they were a gift. The magenta and gold spider chrysanthemums in my archives were home grown, though not by me.