Sunday, April 08, 2007

Early Landscapes of Helene Grimaud: Aix en Provence

The early landscapes of Helene Grimaud are filled with the beauty and mystery of Aix en Provence; a city most artists would leap at the opportunity to experience. Why is it that not only Helene, but most creatives feel the need to strike out for themselves in foreign and isolated terrains to discover themselves? Those born with the beauty of ancient history seek avant-garde landscapes and vis versa. Perhaps being connected to the far past is a form of bondage. Princess Haiku doesn't know as she is a California ghost and adapts to edgy and new, as easily as the dream world. We will have to ask Helene won't we? If Princess Haiku listens carefully to the hidden subtext in her new CDs she will learn more.


vanishingword said...

I found a great site about books:
you will like it. Did you mean to link Occam's razor library twice in your friends section?

Princess Haiku said...

I see what you mean and will check your new site out. Try my link Gnooks; it's fun. It's now off to Z land for me though.

Moon River said...

princess, am waiting to see your romantic map...i might start one of my own:)

Princess Haiku said...

What a good idea.

d. chedwick bryant said...


I have been so inspired by your flowers, and by getting fresh flowers for my desk every few days, I feel Spring is coming despite the fact that we had a little snow shower here yesterday. I finally photographed my water lily quilt, and wrote a post for it, something I would not have done, if not for you.
I've been inspired to take flower photos by the dozens... as you will see. Yetserday I did sunflowers, tomorrow...who knows?

d. chedwick bryant said...

I just wanted to say thank you for the flower inspiration, because photographing the flowers has cheered me up so much!

thank you

Zazie said...

Hi Princess,

You always are kind! Thanks a lot! I hope you're fine, too!

Spring makes me happy! I love it!

There's a song writed by one of my favourite songwriters that says about "I wait for winter to wish a new summer/spring"
Maybe, I like very much winter because later spring will wait for me!

Are your roses already in flowers? What a marvellous thing!

I like very much flowers! I love tulips, roses, lilla...

Spring brings with her great perfumes!

Thanks for your post!

moon said...

The Secret:

watch the movie given in this link:!1C3929C492&fid=-1000&id=202460932&aid=1&n=&save=1&filename=%68%61%73%6F%64%2E%68%74%6D&wcr=801972&wca=1&wce=801962

with love

Princess Haiku said...

Tomorrow I will follow your link; it is like a chocolate truffle waiting for a special moment.

I am going to take a photo of one of my fairy rose for you and post it soon.

Stephen said...

The Gardener's Ghost

Found Sanctuary
In old sheds,
Broken barns,
Cold old basements,
A corner in the garage
Huddled musty in the
Shroud of stale exhaust.
Hooded unseen about
The shovels, rakes, and tools
Cob webs and litter.
Refuge and Rapture
in house plants
Poetry sweeping streets
that whisper in the woods
Sheltering the Gardener's Ghost
The Winter long and fading as
Spring songs abound in the greening
Shadow just before dawn.
A Crow caw day as Stars fell
The Sun rose
And the Gardener's ghost
Sank softly with a sigh
into the soil. To become one with
The Earth again
As the Rains came.

Princess Haiku said...


This is a lovely expression of springtime. It's raining today and a perfect day for your Spring Song.
It's always a pleasure to have a visit from one of my first blogging friends.

rochambeau said...

Dear Princess,
Just popping by to wish you happy Spring, Happy late May Day.
Wishing you well!
I've seen photos of Helene Grimaud before, but have not heard her play. I will now!