Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Link via Title
This is a delightful and inventive way to discover new authors. My first attempt at gnooking resulted in a suggestion that I read Dr.Seuss. :)

And this next try is amazing.

Helene Cixous + Barbara Cartland+ Colette =Michael Palmer. Michael Palmer is a superb poet and I once had a poetics class with him. Okay, so I threw in Barbara Cartland just for fun; it worked anyway. Go ahead, try it out for yourselves.

Michael Palmer
Dream of a Language that Speaks


Occy said...

didn't really work for me... Gnook put me somewhere in the nineteenth century in the middle of France and I never got out ... started with Proust ... ended up with de Sade

Princess Haiku said...

de Sade? lol Is it possible that you have literary interests you don't want to acknowledge? :)

d. chedwick bryant said...

I have to think about this. I feel slow...