Friday, April 06, 2007

Why, Twyla

Princess Haiku asks, why Twyla Tharp?

Why is she the most prolific woman choreographer in the world?
Why is she so creative?
Why was she able to overcome all the obstacles in her life?
Why was she born to dance?
Why did she become a major influence on the development of dance in America.

Many of these questions are answered in Twyla Tharp's book, "The Creative Habit" but ultimately, nobody knows WHY the muse ever speaks to anyone. Perhaps Princess Haiku will learn more in the book, Howling Near Heaven; Twyla Tharp and the reinvention of modern dance.

Twyla Tharp informs us that video will be the future text of dance.


vanishingword said...

She really looks like a dancer doesn't she. I like the first picture with all the different dancers.. they look like falling maple leaves twirling around like that.

vanishingword said...

I am struggling to identify this quote out of this book. Would you considering a guess? Its located on Occy's blog- there is a link to it off my page.

Moon River said...

Dear you,

I hope you got over the flu.
and do hope your computer working and that you haven't lost any files.