Sunday, April 08, 2007

Angel's Flight to Reopen

Angel's Flight does not refer to celestial activity although it could. What it means is that the people of Los Angeles will once again have a trolley to transport them up a steep street in California. The original Angel's Flight opened in 1901 in the Bunker Hill area of downtown LA, becoming the shortest railroad in the world. It has been restored at various times over the years and its biggest RERUN is scheduled for summer 2007. Even though it's easy enough to float about said, Princess Haiku, the view on Angel's Flight is spectacular enough to attract winged creatures and sundry beings. From the right angle no place on earth is as beautiful as San Francisco.


sydneyland said...

princess I think I partially blind. I can only see wonders in other places. NYC,the Emerald City to many is to me a dangerous slag heap.

An expensive one.

We don't seem to have those special magical places like "Angels Flight". Just everyday bedlam.

I know there must be something somewhere that is magic in this place. However it was either torn down before I was born, or is buried under the trash.

I think we should demolish the city, and start over. All the city planners involved should be artists, and children.

brow of calm said...

It is a dream of mine, one day to visit this place, for me this is the representation of America (positive).
A dream I think one day will come true, hopefully it will still be as beautiful then as it is now.

Zazie said...

In future, I hope to go to San Francisco!

One of my dreams...

I don't know, but I really think that it's a marvellous city!

sydneyland said...

princess,...sorry for being so negative lately. I beg your pardon.

Princess Haiku said...

In regards to your NYC comment your suggestion children and artists rebuilt it sounds fine to me.