Thursday, April 26, 2007

Princess Haiku spent the Afternoon Chatting with Lady Muraski Shikubu

Princess Haiku sipped a fine oolong tea with her dear friend, Lady Murasaki Shikubu. Lady Murasaki, she said, thank you for this gorgeous kimono. I feel so much more; well soignee in it. As far as your tales go; did you now that contemporary readers find them just as absorbing?

You can discover or reacquaint yourself with The Tale of Genji via.....

Follow their wonderful links to Heian Temples.

This is a captivating essay that I found on Heaven Tree.

Yet another link to the tales.


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Great Link, Princess san !

Here is a bit on Genji and Haiku
. Happy Haiku Gallery .

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Thanks Moon and Gabi.