Sunday, April 15, 2007

Princess Haiku is at the Spirit's Ball

Princess Haiku's invitation came at the last moment and she had no idea how it was slipped into her post box. "Come at once," it said in wild calligraphy, "To the Spirit's Ball."

Will you be there" she asked herself in the mirror as she dressed.

Will You?


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, I received an invite too....but slept too late and missed it...hope you will tell us all about it soon.......rdg

Zazie said...


I so sorry!
I've looked for those songs, but I've found anything on youtube!

Soon, I'll try to translate in english some of those songs! For you...

It'll be a pleasure!


Anonymous said...


As always it is an honour to entertain you at red dirt's place.
And I do appreciate much your wit and charm.

Thank you for explaining your Alice post...for a moment I thought perhaps it had been all a dream ...yes Aurora does enchant doesn't she? As does a dark new moon ...

As for illusions, I am in complete agreement: a life with no illusions would be like a life without a box of chocolates...

However, orange and vanilla cake ?? mmm I think we might be better off sampling yours instead !

red dirt girl

Anonymous said...

Hi in return with best wishes and hugss .. along with smiles

Stephen said...

Dear Elise, I do not know how I got here but am perhaps glad I did. Thank you for the comment at blogger. Though they can not hear or walk they are not disabled. They are bright caring and creative human beings that have given me much light and laughter.
Check this out when you have a chance. As ever be well. Stephen

Princess Haiku said...

I agree with you that your friends are bright spirits. It is always a pleasure to hear from you.

sydneyland said...

My cat recieved an invitation, but sadly had obilgations of State. She sent her sincere regrets.