Monday, April 16, 2007

Princess Haiku and the Tale of the Purple Lilacs

Princess Haiku was very late at the Spirit's Ball for she had to finish telling the tale of the purple lilacs.
Many years old there was a young mother with dark blue eyes and long pale hair, awaiting the birth of her child. She was near her time and her heart was heavy for the year before her firstborn; a tiny son had died. Instead of collecting baby clothes and dreaming of names she prayed to the Mother Goddess to protect her child. Her face was often tear stained and instead of thinking, soon my little child takes their first breath, she thought of the one who had taken his last. This continued until one night this dream or vision came to her.

A woman appeared suddenly, surrounded by white light. And so bright was the light that the young mother could not make out the features of the woman; but she could make out the shape of outstretched arms and long hair. The woman said to her, "Your daughter will be born when the purple lilacs are in bloom." Shortly after the young mother awoke, and was very excited for the dream was so vivid it could have been real. Her heart lifted and she began to look forward to what she knew would be the birth of a daughter.

A few days later the dream retreated but the mother was filled with hope and faith that all would be well. Several weeks passed until it was the end of May and she was having dinner with her husband and a few friends. After dinner she excused herself early, as she was very tired and the baby due any moment. She stood up to leave.

Let me get you some flowers from my garden, said the woman who was named, Sara. She left the room and returned a minute later with an enormous arm of fragrant, purple lilacs. She handed them to the young mother, who in that second of inhaling their perfume remembered the dream. Tonight, my daughter will be born she said, and everyone smiled because we all know how fay pregnant women can be.

The young mother returned home with her purple lilacs and within a few hours went into labor. That evening her perfect baby girl was born. And now whenever the mother smells the fragrance of lilacs she remembers that vision, that dream, that gift of faith that is the exquisite
purple flower
And then the story was told, Princess Haiku took leave of the Spirit's ball.


Peter Haslam said...

Spirts do have the gift hope and peace

d. chedwick bryant said...

wow this is an incredible story. I have always loved lilacs and the month of May. The story is really powerful. Is it from your family?

Anonymous said...

shivery deja-vu.....the day my only daughter was born, a blustery Ides of March day, a single pot of planted bulbs burst forth in bloom: hyacinth, daffodil, lily of the perfect harmony....and told me: go in peace daughter, for all will be well with you and yours.

Princess Haiku said...

That's beautiful, rdg. :)

sydneyland said...

Wonderful, thank you princess!

Princess Haiku said...

Thanks Sydney and Ched- yes.

vanishingword said...

That was very touching. I happen to be afflicted with the worst allergic reaction to Lilacs, but they look just delightful across a street.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

purple lilacs are my favorite; so sad for those who would be allergic!

mystic rose said...


loved the story.. reminded me of another .. a true one.. that i had been wanting ot put down on paper.. not mine though.. :)
but ur narrative style is jus magical!!