Friday, February 09, 2007

The Teahouse Fire by Ellis Avery

I recently read, The Teahouse Fire by Ellis Avery. The tale is set in late nineteenth century Japan and plunges deeply into the smoky brew of an entangled relationship between the daughter of a Japanese Tea Master and a French orphan seeking asylum from a life as a convent domestic. Like the roots of a plum tree the two girls grow up twisted around each other in an ambiguous context of love and cultural dissonance. Japan edges towards modernism as the characters seek identity and spiritual meaning, in a tragic denouement guaranteed to keep the pages turning.

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Neasa said...

Gorgeous blog you have here! Thanks for the visit & kind comment to my blog - like you, I will definintely be back to read & see more!

This book was recently added to my "must get" list. I had some terrible choices to make at the bookstore - too many "must gets" & too few dollars at the time. Unfortunately, The Teahouse Fire had to be temporarily returned to its shelf. From where it has beckoned since. I hate when that happens!

Best, Neasa

Princess Haiku said...

I found a copy at my local library You might also enjoy "The Girl Who Played Go," by Shan Sa. It's a remarkable novel. Another favorite of mine is, "Stones From the River." Maybe I'll post a top ten book thing; not a bad idea.
Take care,

Aafrica said...

must be an intriging read.