Sunday, February 11, 2007

what is left of the flower, said Princess Haiku

Raindrops from a dark cloud drenched the poppies.
"Are these your tears or mine?" Princess Haiku asked.
A yellow flower's transparent face turned from the sky.

What is left of the flower
reaches to the dark
mouth of the rain.
Kisses eternity as petals
shredded become eternal.


lotusgreen said...


i'm intrigued by your book review below, and your post below that looks so beautiful!

and thanks!

Moon River said...

i love flowers, and do it you who takes the photos?

Princess Haiku said...

Yes, I took the flower photos with my little digital. Point, click- have little idea of the mechanics although I am thinking of taking a class. I just try to relate to the flowers with awareness.

ben said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog.

>Are particular patterns and/or >colors used for furoshiki?

Yes many patterns and colors of furoshiki

>also appear to be a very >environmental friendly way to wrap >things.

Actually minister of the environment in Japan came up with mottainai furoshiki as a symbol of Japan's culture to reduce waste. She came up with making furoshiki using old PET bottles (plastic bottles) and encourage people not to use plastic bags.

Very nice photography you have!

wbd said...

Indeed how sad they appear. I appreciate the thoughts your poem evokes.

The poppy...still one of my favorite flowers.

Starfisher said...


Aafrica said...

they are so sadly beautiful. you have such a unique view.

moon said...

maybe it is all the flowers I've seen in your garden, that awoken in me, the urge to start my spring have made this invasion of Flowers into my heart princess.
bless you :)

Princess Haiku said...

A flower is a journey into other worlds; beauty, spirit, fragrance memory, possibility. Which flower, which place shall we travel tonight?

Princess Haiku said...

WBD- mine too.

Jacob Russell said...

Flowers in rain...

Did I ask about this before? I can't remember... I had a post... a memory, one of those experiences that--if they don't change your life--illuminate the person you are and want to become.

I had a photo of a forsythia in the rain. I thought it was uncopyrighted... left an attribution... but evidently it was someone's intellectual property and they had it removed.

I would love to have another photo of a forsythia in the rain... anyone know of an image someone is willing to share? I always post credits and sources.