Monday, January 15, 2007


a Moon for Moon.


Moon River said...

Lady Moon looks very mysterious(even being flip like that) although she is a crescent moon, she looks like she carry many secrets.
and i love it's colors and the sense of antiquity she gives

thank you princess
it's lovely

Moon River said...

am going to look for some trees dripping with Lights as well as some fairy trees for you.
i was sorry to hear that orange and lemon trees are ruined and that it is still so cold.
we saw on TV the iced rain that causes this devastating affect for the trees that crash.
i hope it will get better soon, i know how much the sun is good for you my dear.

Moon River said...

couldn't find realy ice-trees...such as this one:

but did find some 'fairy trees' photos:
hope you liked some :)

Jitender Pal Singh Saan said...

You play the flute?

Moon River said...

Look at those trees:

Princess Haiku said...

The image of Moon on icy trees & ponds is gorgeous.