Saturday, January 13, 2007

Flower Haiku Poet

These gorgeous chrysanthemums bloomed last October and were given to me by a special person. Princess Haiku, they asked, when I held them in my hands by their long stems. What comes first, the poet or the haiku? Every time I encounter one of these magical flowers I become so full of them that I lose myself and I could not answer their magenta question.


Moon River said...

I Think IT is TIME for you to be back :-)

I miss your poems, your ponderings about life

your Haikus too.

Stephen said...

Dear Elise, It is a pleasure indeed to see these flowers and to read your words. As ever be well.

Moon River said...

I am waiting for your silver moon my Dear

Marge said...

Hail, Princess...

Greetings and felicitations to the royal one of beautiful verse.

You have been away, communing with the magentas and mysteries and have come back to tell us what you discovered?

Speak, Princess; write and tell us what magenta secrets the chrysanthemums imparted!

You have been too long away!

Welcome back!

Wishing you peace and magenta dreams...