Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Lady of the Lake by Diane Dehler

Lady of the Lake

Tear drops icy and pure frozen heart of the
Lady of the Lake rises.

Love uncoiling from its skin awakens a
Dark midnight sun of forbidden love.

Her lips seek mine hungry for twilight,
It conceals gives one more hour.

Spells do exist you insist, your breath
On my fingertips.

You murmur where the music of tides and
Inner chambers of the heart sing.

I follow you to a land beneath the wave
Where no mortal walks.

My hand strokes gently down your back curls
With the slope of round buttocks,

Ancient hill over which all great battles are
Won and lost.

We wait for the hour before time promised to
All who seek the most holy of grails.

Diane Dehler

First published June 1014, Contemporary Literary Horizon

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