Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Sweet Spot by Diane Dehler

Diane Dehler
June 10, 2013

Sweet Spot

Dandelion seeds unfurl a white thistle sky.
She is dressed as a ballerina in clouds.

Eyes around her are flounces of poppy petals.
She is imperturbable beauty, an entire forest of tall trees.

Her dress: a dream theater and underneath her dress the sweet spot.

They told me about it.
I searched for it myself she said; higher, lower…

A communication that loses itself in its own endeavor for a
body prefers to understand beyond words.

This way- that way, your body adjusts itself against mine.

A wave laps against the seashore, a
merge of in and out.

You are as much a part of my body as a lover, sweet spot.
Your pleasure moist, a mirror of agate soul body,

Agate smooth skin that always knows the way….

Diane Dehler

First published in poetic diversity: the Litzine of Los Angeles, April 2014

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