Wednesday, April 01, 2015

The Exquisite Hour by Diane Dehler

The Exquisite Hour,
after Verlaine

an angel dresses
in your perfect
skin.  His eyes
capture footsteps
vanishing under
a twilight sky.

You brim with a
magenta of marvelous
stars, at this hour.

Just one kiss for
solitude, the angel
ghost who memorizes
every moment – every
breath that any human
Inhales with love.

who longs to
lie a temporal
head upon flesh,
your breast
wings of azure
gold sky - give
up his throne,

an exquisite

Diane Dehler

First published by Contemporary Literary Horizon, 2012
Reprinted, The Art of Being Human: The Best Poems of 2013, Brian Wexler Books

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