Friday, February 06, 2015

in the temple of my flower said, Princess Haiku

I captured these beautiful magnolias in the San Francisco Botanical Garden yesterday. The photo above is a Magnoliaceae, or Magnolia Dawnsoniana which is native to China.

This is a Magnolia Stellata, Water Lily. I spend several hours snapping as I knew a pineapple express storm was making its way into the San Francisco Bay Area from Northern California.

This is another Magnolia Dawsoniana flower from a tree that is about 40 feet high.

I love the delicate star like blossoms of the Magnolia Stellata. Several stellata trees were at peak bloom and I knew after the storm few petals would be left.

The hours of a magnolia blossom's life are few. I was happy to be able to experience the full beauty of the trees.

These two are Magnolia Dawsonianas and viewing them required a telephoto lens.

The serenity that I experience in the temple of my flowers is all encompassing. I hope that you enjoyed your small view of my world. Thanks to all of the staff and volunteers who work at the San Francisco Botanical Garden.

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