Thursday, January 01, 2015

Pearl Incantare, by Diane Dehler

Pearl Incantare

Her luminescence is an island of white slumber.
The girl believes pathos is a river that runs a course through stars.

I enter this painting, bring “I” to a place of sleep. Eyelids of the sky vanish. Eyes are the pearl.

She is dressed in lapis lazuli blue.

A flow of vulnerability floods the self.  She is me. You are her.
Secrets of our nature are revealed in her gaze.

The museum guard is unaware that I have unhooked the painting from history.
Slipped it slowly from the wall and hidden it in my soul.

She becomes a poem from my silence to a petal.
Flora fauna self, spring of all seasons.

Girl with the Pearl.

Johannes Vermeer, the sphinx of Delft was a magician
who conjured innocence:

Girl With A Pearl.
A pearl in her mouth.
Pearl teeth of the dream.

A petal, unpetaled from the flower of the fruit.

Poetry written with ultramarine ink etched into pale flesh.
Girl with a pearl, how she possesses me.

Diane Dehler

First published by Pirene’s Fountain, Fall/Winter 2013 issue 14.

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