Monday, November 03, 2014

Snow Leopard of Nepal by Diane Dehler

Snow Leopard of Nepal

Snow leopard dream
come back to me
into the eye of storm
and out of rain.  Your
diamond brilliance
blinds my eyes, this
body washes away.

Leopard undressed
in between drops.
I am the water that
comes for me.  Pale in
moonlight lost as rain
a blush of petals white
shell the moon.

I am cream ripples
ghostly fur my hair,
silver pale my eyes.
Drop by drop I
become the river.
Our bodies entangled
become an altar.

Shaman albino
sky over moon, a
leopard gives stretch
to the dawn, crouches
silently near tree and
waits for rain to

I give my breath
and become a lake.
Leopard becomes
a thirst and laps my
soul.  We vanish
into a white river
acacia of dream

Diane Dehler

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