Tuesday, October 21, 2014

a sorrowing angel

I spent several hours in the Colma Necropolis outside of SF today and captured enough images of angels to be satisfied. I had also read about the priceless Tiffany Stained Glass ceilings in the Cypress Lawn Public Mausoleum and had to see and capture those. They comprise one of the largest displays of opalescent glass in the United States. They were made and installed between 1890- 1930.

There were also individual private mausoleums with their own small windows. -Just amazingly and eerily beautiful. The solitude inside the Great Mausoleum is a bit intense. One of the crypts was engraved, "To my beloved bride." The bride had died in the early 1900's three months after her marriage. I could image her ghost sweeping through the hushed and somber halls of the mausoleum with its otherworldly beauty, in her white wedding dress and veil. 

Now it is time to seek more lively company although I will be posting the images I captured over the course of several months. Like Persephone, I have entered the underworld temporarily and will be sharing the somber beauty that I discovered. 

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