Monday, April 28, 2014

Face Transparent, was published by Contemporary Literary Horizon

My eyes are wild roses underwater.
They disappear every morning and wake up at night tide.

Dangerous ghost love, friends warn me.
Princess Nukuda lays her cheek next to mine,

Curls with me into dawn, on an indigo tatami mat.
Dreams in-between morning and sorrow.

Ono No Komachi, my tears belong to
Poetry and not to love.

I am certain a small corner of paradise endures.

Kiss the water,
Kiss the silvery fish with moon,
Kiss the ghost.

Immortal seasons of love lead into the startling center,
Where Kasa No Iratsume, embraces me with scent of ink.

Cream skin, soft petal soft.

My hair pale, not as white as a rose in moonlight.
The immortals will comfort me.

All of us, beneath a raspberry tinted shawl laughing.
Abandoned, flower growing dream and ghost love.

There is no past, for love this moment awakens,
As the moon rides across the sky in a tantric dance.

The world is covered with plum blossoms,
white, purple fragrance, petals for all.

I offer them to every one as you will not have them.
My indifferent beauty, indifferent song.

A man possessed of Buddha is lost to love.
Why should his lips taste so sweet on mine?

Wild rose under moon, I drown myself,
And do not die because water gives forth life.

Poet of many graces save, love.
Lost perfume lingers through years.

Does this shade of fuchsia honor the immortal robe?

Diane Dehler


Elizabeth said...

Thank you Diane, a marvellous poem

Dalifan said...

Princess Haiku,

This is a glorious poem! It vibrates with life and soul...

Thanks for sharing;-)