Saturday, February 08, 2014

a leopard flower from, Ono no Komachi said Princess Haiku

Ono no Komachi
(fl. 833-858)

The color of the flower has faded, as vainly as my life and world have passed in these long rains..

Because I fell asleep thinking of him I saw him. Had I known it was a dream I wouldn't have woken.

Ever since I saw someone I love while dozing I've been depending on what you called dreams.

When I miss him desperately I wear my leopard-seed nightclothes turned inside out.

In the real world all right perhaps: Seeing you watching for others' eyes in a dream desolates me.

Following my endless thoughts I'll come by night; it it's a dreampath, no one should notice me.

Translated by Hiroaki Sato.

I just ordered a copy of this wonderful book!

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