Monday, January 20, 2014

Sweet Release by Diane Dehler

Sweet Release

I follow a leopard
up steep cliffs and
breath escapes; oh
pain of a stolen rib.
I enter a territory
high in the mountains
of Kathmandu
where I have known
a thousand nights &
eyes of surrender; a
sweet release.

A moment of spirit;
a body gives itself
away and returns.
I know the tired
anguish of a long
journey that never
ceases. Or a lover
that never comes, a
mated century of
doves roast on
oracle fire.

Leopard, I follow
you into a craggy
mountain terrain
where the gentle
hours give way to
a kohl lined night
of predatory love.
You are hungry for
bare flesh and a
most delicious
entry into spirit.

In burning fire
love comes to me
with speed; sinking
teeth of a leopard.
Eat my flesh and
consume my heart.
Blind my eyes with
smoke of centuries
of altars. Carry my
bones around your
smooth neck, my love.

Kiss the sacrifice,
inhale a multiplicity
of rosettes.

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